Buying The Best Vape Box Mods

Most vapers do not know that they can enhance their vaping experience by opting to use vape box mod. For vape box mod users, they are assured of a longer battery experience, temperature control features, and enhanced airflow. This box-like set is, however, larger in size. There is a wide selection of mods available in the market for vapers to choose from. Each category will have its importance.

High end mods

As the name suggest, these are mods of the class made using the finest materials, most sophisticated technology and are very costly. One example of such a mod is:

Vaporshark DNA 200

One notable feature in this very fine set is the sowoman smokingftware that enables vapers to regulate the wattage from 1w to 200w. One is also able to do other output setups and see them on the LED screen. The aluminum casing makes it very durable even in harsh conditions. Its coils can comfortably produce 600 degrees heat. The set uses a 10WH 3S lipo battery and has a 0.08-ohm resistance

Best mods for temperature control

Capability to controls temperature is very important for those who value vapor output. Below example is just but one of the many mods with best temperature control features.

Pioneer 4 you IPV5 box mod

Its power unit is served by two 18650 batteries, and its atomizer has a resistance of up to 0.15 ohms. It also produces up to 200 watts which are very impressive. The titanium coils also make it gives it a competitive edge when it comes to temperature control as a preference. The set will not disappoint in producing high-quality vapor making it a set for serious vapers.

Beginners box mods

Anyone whwoman vapingo wants to start off using the vape box models will also have a selection to pick from. For them, a simplicity that delivers results is their business. They will go for the user-friendly options and less costly box mods as they are still not yet convinced. Safety is also key for them as they have not yet mastered how to use these products. One such example is eleaf istick basic.

Eleaf istick primary

It's no variable wattage feature ensures no mess. It has a fixed battery that works better that ordinary electronic cigarettes. All beginners will fall in love with this piece for its user friendliness. One very attractive thing about the set is the beautiful colors available.