Features to consider when choosing a top rated rifle scope

After saving your hard earned money in order to be able to buy a rifle scope, it is prudent to consider a few features before doing the purchase.

One of the man things that you should consider is the application, will you use the scope for hunting, target practicing or self-defense? A scope has many uses it is important to determine which one will suit you best. Here are some of the key features that you should consider when purchasing top rated rifle scopes:


The magnification of a rifle scope is very important. Scopes have two types of magnification: variable and fixed. The fixed magnification has a single magnification level and cannot be adjusted to zoom in and out. Scopes with fixed magnification are less expensive but they are clearer since there are fewer lenses to look through. Scopes with variable magnification enable one to see an image at multitude of magnification level allowing you to acquire the target from a greater distance.

The reticle

Also known as the crosshair, the reticle helps you to aim and can even determine the distance between the target and the shooter. The reticle can either be a small dot, crosshair or a combination of both which makes targeting easy. The reticle comes in different colors in different rifle scopes and you should find a combination that will enable you to aim and fire fast.

Light transmission

A large exit pupil and objective lens results to better light transmission. Other factors that play a role into the light transmission of a scope are, coating, the quality of the lens and the geographic condition. The maximum amount of light transmission in rifle scopes is 98% but the average light transmission to look for in a rifle scope is 90-95%

Eye Relief

This is the maximum distance between the scope and the eye. The eye relief should be able to accommodate the rifle being used and the shooter. A good eye relief is one between 3.5-4 inches.


This is the feature that allows the reticle to stay in target even if you move away from the scope slightly. Parallax error is mostly found in scopes with higher magnification as they are manufactured to be in focus at a hundred yards. In this case a parallax compensation is useful in helping you remain on target

Field of view

This is the measure of how wide of a seen one can view through the scope. It is a predetermined number and you should ensure that it fits your needs.