Find Out The Meaning Of Your Bees Dreams

bee near flowerDreaming about bees may be interpreted in several ways depending on your tradition, religion, culture, psychologists you consult or astrological system. Bees are known to be rich with symbolic meaning across faiths and cultures all over the world.

It is up an individual to choose the type of interpretation he/she would like to apply to the dreams.  At times only cultural and religious beliefs might not be enough for one’s dreams. In which case, you could be forced to examine them from various points of view in psychoanalysis, psychology or neurosciences. This post covers meaning of dreaming about bees.

A bee circling around

Dreaming that a bee chases you around in circles or circling around isn’t a good prospect. You were expecting positive news about a very important aspect of your life or hopping for your goal to be achieved but you would be disappointed to get exactly the opposite of what you’ve been praying for. Conversely, you may discover a devastating truth about a member of your family, a loved one, a friend or a troubling pattern in your business or career which may bring a lot of disappointments and discomfort your way.

Bee Sting...

If a bee stings you during your dream, it may symbolize your current subconscious mind or perhaps your stinging emotions. Possibly you could think that your partnership at workplace isn’t heading in the right direction.

A bee in destructive mode, like stinging you is often related to a work situation, which leaves someone feeling 'stung’. Dreaming of bees stinging you symbolizes action. Although it might be unpleasant to be stung by a bee, the bee will in the end die as a result of the sting, in this scenario, the bee may symbolize sacrificing oneself regarding items you value.


As already outlined, bees often symbolize hard work. Dreaming about bees working in the hive doesn’t just signify productivity but also problems at work that requires patience to solve.

Bees are insects known to work in collaboration, working harmoniously with each other so as to continue keeping their hive successful and undamaged. Bees may signify working in a team to succeed.


The beehive or bees symbolize order and rebirth within your life. Witnessing a swarm of bees in your dream generally symbolizes the significance of power over affairs of the heart and other relationships. This dream represents your work-life situation as well as the balance between your relationship of the heart and your job.

Symbols within this dream indicate that you’ve been trying to balance the two important areas of your life. If in your dream the queen is featured, this signifies the need to feel free, freedom f expression and freedom of choice.