Finding the Best Wine for Special Occasions

From celebrating a successful deal with business colleagues to a friend's birthday, bottles of wine can always fit in with the situation. But choosing the best wine is another story. And it is important to note that special occasions do not always mean a celebration. Your close friend's loss or a farewell party are also included. Grief requires a relief, and wine might not solve the existing problem or free the broken heart from the recurring pain, but it does help somehow.

Project celebration

Business Dinner WineChoosing wine for company's celebration is quite tricky. First, it has to be unique, but everyone should like it. Second, it must not come from the cheapest brands, but it also should not show any lavish tendency. Giving a positive impression to your colleagues is very important in a business dinner, and being humble but witty is one example. You need to know too that, most of the time, bosses assess their employee's capacity to play the company's politics during a business dinner. And your choice of wine can play a significant role in your career.

In a restaurant, wine sommelier is supposed to be in charge of supervising customer's satisfaction with the wine quality. And it is very vital for you not to hesitate to ask the sommelier's opinion. But instead of asking, "What's the right wine for a business dinner?" you can opt to ask, "My friends and I have made a milestone for the company, what could be the best wine to represent our determination and clever plan execution?"
Shift your words from a plain information inquiry to the one that gives a context to the question.

Do not flaunt your expertise and fanaticism in wine. A business dinner is surely a chance for you to impress everyone, but overdoing it will throw you to the outcast's place. No one likes a big mouth in business.

Friend's Grief

Sad and WineThere are some moments when our friends suddenly call us and cry. They tell us that they experience loss, failure, or heartbroken, and they get no one to share but us. And in such a situation, you should provide a private companionship. Instead of asking him/her to go the bar and tell their story, you can invite them to your house, or in converse.

In a sad situation, it is better to look for wine from medium quality because it is the quantity that matters. Black Box Merlot, Barefoot, Lindemans, or Yellow Tail are perfect for the situation. Buy four or five bottles, and you will successfully decrease the tense.

Special one's birthday

Premium WineSomeone's birthday is an annual celebration, and when that someone matters to you, you should plan for the celebration ahead of time. Giving that person a value wine is simply unacceptable. And these days, you do not need to spend much time to search for a quality wine from one store to another. You can type, "premium wine online," on a browser and you will find wine companies that ship worldwide. Ordering wine from abroad will also make the celebration more unique. You can choose a brand that is not available in local stores.