Main advantages and disadvantages using banners for advertisement

Banner ads have an extensive range advantages that make it a good marketing tool. On the flip side, they too have disadvantages. This article will bring to light some of the advantages and disadvantages of banners. Read on for more insight.

Pros and cons of banner ads

Easy to set up

car showroomUnlike many advertisement strategies, where one requires having expertise in setting up advertisements, this is not the case with banner ads. More to this, banners have an already set standard of setting up, which everyone can apply without much struggle. Another incredible benefit of using banners is that there are minimal expenses required to set up banner ads.

Consumer friendly

A good number of the digital advertisement tools are a nuisance to many viewers. As such, many clients are not impressed with the latter. Banners are not obstructive like other forms of ads formats such as popups and fly-ins. Thus, it is the task of the advertiser to ensure that the content of banners is purposeful and trust-inspiring to make it easy for their customers to associate with their brand.

Banner blindness - con

Banners have been a top online marketing strategy for quite a long time. Thus, this leads to banner blindness, which refers to ignorance of banner ads. To counteract the effect of consumer ignorance on your banner ads, you should consider creating appealing and special effects. Modification of existing ads serves to ignite interest and avoid monotony.

Types of banner ads

Banner ads are either static or dynamic. These two forms have their pros and cons. Below is a detailed explanation of the two formats.

Static banner

children selling lemonadeStatic banners are easy to prepare format as compared to the dynamic type. More to this, it is easy to control this kind of banners. Best of it all, with this format can be easily incorporated in other advertisement platforms. The only downside with this format is that it is not quite appealing to many and requires constant modifications to remain relevant.

Dynamic banners

Dynamic banners are a better advertisement tool compared to the static banners. This type of banners, allows the advertiser to personalize the content depending on the prevailing circumstances. The main advantage of this kind of banner is that it is persuasive and thus, easily converts viewers into clients. However, this type of banner is product-centered, meaning that they are not the best choice for brand awareness purposes. Additionally, they are expensive.