Steps for Sending Fax Via Gmail

Most people use instant communication methods like texting and email when sending messages, files, and other documents. With these methods, you can easily communicate with your friends who are in different parts o the globe with just a couple of finger taps or mouse clicks. However, there are some occasions where sometimes people are required to send hard-copy faxes are required. There are many proven ways of sending faxes right from a Gmail account. Anyone can receive and send a fax through Gmail provided he/she has an internet connection and a computer. This has played a significant role in avoiding the need for fax machines and physical documents. This write-up is going to share the useful tips that you need to follow when sending faxes online.  You can fax to email free Gmail by following the steps outlined in this post.

Creating and Signing Into One’s Gmail Account

You are required to have a personal Gmail account that you can use when sending faxes. The process of creating a new Gmail account is simple and straightforward. You are required to choose a password and username of your choice when creating a new Gmail account. In addition to this, you should make sure that you are connected o the internet because Gmail services are provided online. You can then use your username and password to login to your Gmail account when sending a fax.

Composing a New Email

Once you have logged in into your account, you should click the button labeled compose. A text box will be provided where you can enter the address of the recipient and the email’s subject. You should make sure that the email address entered is correct. You can end up sending an email to the wrong person if you happen to enter the wrong Gmail user. A fax domain provider should follow the recipient fax number.

Enter Your Message

The sender’s message is entered on the cover sheet. In addition to this, the sender can use the message box to include his/her message. This message is helpful in notifying the recipient about the content of the fax. It is, therefore, important to include your message in the subject field. This is the best way of briefing your recipient on what is contained in the fax.

Attaching Your Documents

Attach all the important documents that you want to send to your recipient. Your document might in the form of TIFF, BMP, DOC, XLS or TXT. You should choose the right format from these options. Once you have selected the files to send, you should click the send button. This will, in turn, send your fax to the desired location.