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Hard water is essentially water with some dissolved mineral salts. However, most of these minerals are naturally occurring and are not classified as impurities. These contaminants are usually acquired when water moves through rocks and soils rich in magnesium and calcium. However, when these ions are dissolved in water, they pose significant challenges to general household activities. They affect the effectiveness of detergents and affect home appliance that is exposed to this water. That said, here are some common issues linked to hard water.

Problems caused by hard water

Hard water stains

Most people living in areas that have hard household staffswater, stains in dishes, crockery, and other household appliances are the order of the day. For instance, after cleaning dishes with hard water, the dissolved minerals are usually left behind once the water evaporates. This is actually what stains dishes. When it comes to household appliances, these dissolved minerals often end up staining or even clogging household appliances like the dishwasher.

Laundry issues

Hard water is not only bad for household appliances and utensils, but numerous studies also confirm that it is not good for doing laundries. When dissolved minerals found in hard water combine with soap, some curd is formed. Consequently, when this curd is left on clothes, particularly bright colored ones, you might find them acquiring some yellow color over time. Over time, hard water not only discolors clothes, but it also makes the fabric weak, thus shortening its life.

Skin issues

woman closing eyesJust like with the curd that is left behind when washing clothes, your skin is also at risk when using hard water. One the soap dissolves in water, the scum formed can clog the pores of your skin. Progressive buildup of the scum of your skin affects the respiratory functions of the skin, which might not go well for your health with time. On the other hand, lime deposits can also affect the health and shine your hair.

Dealing with hard water problems

There are home remedies used in addressing hard water problems. You might consider using lemon, vinegar or some acid cleaners to soften your water. In most instances, investing softening systems that help you get rid of hard water offer a better and comprehensive solution when softening your water. However, you also need to make an effort of ensuring you are buying the best unit. With the right brand, you no longer have to live with the problems linked to hard water in your home.