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Adopting a dog into family requires not only love but also knowledge. Even though we, humans, have domesticated dogs for tens of thousand years, they still bear feral traits. And if you are not aware of them, you may be unintentionally abusive to your dog.

Luckily for you, you have come the right place to learn how to raise a dog healthily. Here are four tips for you!

Be Picky About The Dog's Diet

an adorable dogIt is a rule of thumb that your dog must avoid chocolate, caffeine, garlic, grapes, and alcohol. Those substances are easy-to-find in our daily life, and they can be harmful, if not deadly to dogs. The worst thing about those foods is that your dog may ingest them out of curiosity. Therefore, the next time you allow your dog to roam free around the house, it would be safer if you still monitor them.

Furthermore, foods high in sodiums can make your dog shed its fur excessively. And the bad news for you is that most canned pet foods are high in sodium as a preservative. In conclusion, you should feed your dog with the kibble diet, which is a mix of vegetables, grains, and cooked meat. However, dogs do need raw meat.

As a dog owner myself, I thought feeding my dog with the kibble pellets alone is enough. As it has turned out, raw and fresh meat gives my dog more energy. We figured this out when I read a comprehensive guide on Puppy Pointers. My family enjoys reading how-to guides from puppypointers, which is a site owned by John Myers since then. It is crucial for you to update your knowledge from various sources.

Your Mood Does Affect the Dog's Upbringing

a puppy with cute eyesDogs are sensitive to their owner's psychological state. If you tend to feel stressed and depressed, then your dog may feel the same as you do. Therefore, before you decide to adopt a dog, it is essential to consider how determined your intention is. If you are unstable, you will be a bad influence on your pet.

Your dog needs regular walks. Your attention is also invaluable to them. And if you are a violent person, I suggest that you should abandon the idea of keeping a pet at all. You need a psychologist/psychiatrist, not an innocent animal.

Cage is Okay, But with Some Notes

If you want your dog to be caged, you have to make sure that he/she feels comfortable in it. Never put a dog in a cage that is too narrow, or they will feel stressed and turn aggressive. Also, please consider how your dog can poop in the cage. Dogs naturally keep their hygiene. And if you put them in a cage, they will stay in close proximity to their bodily waste. Therefore, clean the pen out regularly.

Never Hesitate to See a Vet

Another rule that you must not violate when you keep a dog at home is never to hesitate to visit a vet whenever your dog is unhealthy. Consulting the Internet does not make you a vet. And treating your dog based on anecdotal experience only will also put them at risk of further complications. Fever, diarrhea, and vomiting are three symptoms that you shall not take for granted.

Furthermore, it would also be better for your dogs if you take them to see a vet at least twice a year. Such a scheduled checkup is necessary to prevent a worm or tick infestation.