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Weddings are meant to celebrate the union of two couple mostly man and woman. Nothing is as disappointing especially to the ladies as having a pathetic wedding venue on their big day in history. Selecting venues is one of the biggest decisions engaged couples to make especially as the venue influences décor, budget, vendors and attires. Many aspects of a wedding can be optional like wearing suits instead of dresses but selecting a venue is a mandatory task. Finding a perfect wedding venue is tiresome and uneasy work. The best tips when choosing a wedding venue include:

Set a tentative draft budget

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Your budget will mostly shape the style of the venue that you will have. Use of the term “tentative” means that most of the times wedding budgets tend to stretch beyond the expectation. Consider everything that may be needed during wedding venues like tables and chairs before trying to stick to the venue.

Estimate the number of people to be invited

Majority of the places can accommodate the large wedding gatherings that are normally witnessed. Therefore most of the venues are always allocated a limit number of guests it can accommodate. To avoid further frustrations such as a final number of attendees smaller than the expected number, you can ask the venue if they can add more appetizers during cocktails.

Type of wedding ceremony

There are a Christian, Civil and traditional wedding ceremonies. The type of the wedding ceremony chosen should highlight the area in which you should look for a wedding venue. For a Christian wedding, it is important for your wedding venue to be within a 20-25 minute radius of your church.

Communicate with your fiancé

One of the reasons behind failed marriages is the lack of proper communication between partners. It is important to therefore properly research on the kind of venue you would like to have and their rates then openly discuss it with your partner.

Choose your wedding dates

The wedding dates differ according to different couples, some marry on the date they both met, one of the two was born, on a weekend and many other reasons. The time of the day and year will have an impact on the negotiations with vendors.

Check out wedding blogs

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Wedding blogs are awesome sources of information when it comes to finding the best venues. Due to the fact that the blogs only feature best and beautiful weddings, you have got the privilege of seeing the venue in full glory. Watch the video below for one of the great wedding venue;


Weddings are some of the most special occasions in people’s lives. This is the time that people get to enjoy the union of two people who love each other. It is a time to be happy and rejoice with them. The next biggest challenge after a wedding is living together. Many times people rarely get to live married for a long time. Nowadays especially, people are divorcing each other all the time. It is, therefore, important to celebrate those that are able to maintain their marriage so as to urge them to continue being together.

Attending an Anniversary

When attending a marriage anniversary, the most important thing that one has ingrht6y their minds is what is the best gift that one can get the couple? This is quite a hard question as choosing a gift that will celebrate the union that the two have must not be the easiest thing to do. One of the best clues to getting them a great gift is thinking about something that will remind them of this day. It is always important to ensure that they remember that it was offered to them on their 20th anniversary gift.

Make it Special

If you really want the gift to feel special, get them something that will remind them of each other and their marriage. There is no better way to do this than buying them a personalized gift. People really love getting gifts that have their names on them to mark that special occasion. A personalized gift will do exactly that. It will in a special way create in them an attachment to it.

Choosing the Right Gift

While choosing the gift itself, you will want something that they will be using on almost a daily basis; something that is an absolute necessity. One of such gift is a Bone China Plate. Every time that they use the plate, they will remember their anniversary and consequently their marriage. One of the best things about these plates is that they are really attractive to look at. They also come in a variety of colors and designs.

wde4g5tyPersonalize the Gift

When ordering, you actually get to design the plate however you like. This means that you actually get to place either a golden or silver rim all round the plate; you will also get to add their names to the plate and the message that you want them to have. You will also get to add your name as a reminder that you are the one who gave them that gift.