The Steel Strapping Kits Explained

The steel strapping kit has essential strapping tools that are useful in industry for strapping needs. Steel strapping has to be strong because as small as it might be it can be used in a very narrow place. Steel strapping can be perfectly used on heavy duty, rough, and sharp edges. It’s a convenient tool because it provides two functions of sealing and tensioner, making the strapping process more productive. Packline Solutions offers one of the best steel strapping kits. Also, it can be used to transport goods with more ease. The list below is what is contained in a steel strapping kit, explained with its each function.

General information

One steel strapping dispenser

The steel strapping kit 1It’s made of very heavy duty steel ideal for moving heavy steel strapping materials from one place to another. It's designed in a way that they will prevent the steel strapping from getting twisted and coiled. Therefore, the steel strapping dispenser will be useful when handing the steel strapping tool to avoid damage, as well as also there won’t be so many wastes. It will work best if you use Taurex ribbon too.

Taurex steel strapping ribbon

The taurex strapping ribbon is heavy duty and very secure to help with the steel strapping dispenser. Because of its heavy duty feature, it will help hold heavy consignments in place. Also, the wound strapping coins are available, but they have less strapping and cannot be compared with the taurex strapping ribbon. The wound steel strapping is perfect for mobile use because they are lighter and don’t contain any heavy duty property.

One steel strapping tensioner

Tensioner for strapping must be rugged, fast and very lightweight to make them suitable for mobile use and stationary. Them being rugged it will provide high tension so when steel strapping everything is held in place. Steel strapping is all about keeping large types of equipment in place.

Steel strap cutter

Strap cutter ensures that the health and safety of the worker are secured. When the workers are cutting the steel strapping, it can slip and cause injury to them even death, but with the safety cutter, this can be avoided. The rubber pads on each side of the cutter help in holding the straps in place.

Strapping sealers

The steel strapping kit 2As a part of two strapping system, the strapping sealer is used in conjunction with a tensioner. The tensioner is used as the products strapping. Then the sealer is used to provide a high crimp seal on the strapping.