Various Types Of PH Lamps

Poul Henningsen, a Danish is the architect and brains behind this lighting series carrying the initials of his name “PH”. These lamps are based on the theory that the observer is not supposed to be subjected to direct glare from the source of electric light. You can check varipus lamp systems at These bulbs as such are layered with various shades to conceal bulb and also to spread the light hence creating a homogeneously diffused and softer light.


There a number of lamps in this series as discussed below:


This lamp consists of three reflecting shades that direct the light to illuminate downwards and vertically thus to create a high-quality light that is 100 percent glare free. The top shade diameter of the lamp shade is 5dm hence giving it the name PH5.


The PH50 pendant has been in use for 50 years. Apart from the four color shade design, this PH50 has added five other attractive color options of Coconut white, olive black, mint blue, wasabi green and chili red. There is a small red reflector inside the PH50 shades that enhances the quality of light. The top shade of PH50 is 50cm in diameter thus the name PH50.


This is a 1920 design but was re-launched over a decade ago. Its fixtures allow it to be applied and used in even more settings due to its new black chrome finish.


The PH 4/3 Pendant is multi-shade reflecting system that provides a glare free and harmonious illumination for your home and office.


The PH Snowball is a 1924 design. This genius innovation brings the best regarding illumination and mathematics of precision such that light rays strike every surface of the pendant at the same angle and creating even illumination without harsh glares.

6. PH 3.5/2.5 Floor Lamp

This lamp prjmkn5ted6y72ued5r25ovides upward illumination for the users. It also uses the principle of a reflecting multi-shade system which creates a softer illumination with no glare at all. Its opal glass shades produce uniform light distribution as a result of being sandblasted on the inside.

There are some other various PH lamps in this series with different designs, and unique architect that will provide you with an infinite number of options depending on your electric lighting needs both for your home and any other space you want to be illuminated. This is one of the main reasons why you should know exactly what you are looking for.