Watching Free Movies Online – Experience Different Genres

If you are movie goers, and you like movies in a certain genre, it is such a drawback to waste your cash on gas, stand in the queue for long to purchase a ticket, buy popcorn, switch of your cell phone. Moreover, you are likely to note the movie being aired is not in the genre you like or is being repeated.

watching movie on phoneTechnology has advanced and now gone are the days of renting DVDs and going to the theater. You can now watch movies online for free. The best part of it is that you can watch movies from all genres at your convenience. You can use ShowBox App to watch different genres such as comedy, action, adventure, drama and fantasy are popular movies that people like watching, but aside from that, you can watch,

Movie Genres

War Movies

They depict humanity, heroism, and courage in the midst of adversity and strife. At times war movies are filled with drama, which ends up making strong political statements. They may, or they may not be heavy on some special effects but in the end, they feature a spectacular battle scene, which explores the grisly nature of war.

Mystery Movies

Political conspiracies and unsolved crimes often provide excellent plot point that can leave you guessing what happened after the movie ends. Mystery movies typically fall into a closed or open format. A closed form is like a typical whodunit detective story where a suspect is traced and his/her identity revealed in an unexpected fashion. An open format reveals the criminal at the beginning of the movie as the movie is retold.

Teen movies

These movies tackle various themes surrounding today’s youth-school, friendship, teenage romance, growing p and dealing with insecurity or fear and family problems. These movies always have stereotypes such as the cheerleader and the star player, average girl/boy, modern girl, the rebel, the geek,

All these films are available online, and you can watch them for free. Nowadays there are even mobile applications such as Showbox that enable movie on the phoneyou to stream films online even when you are traveling. Watching movies has never been exciting as it is now. It is easier, simple and fast not to mention the quality of pictures and sound.

If you haven’t been watching movies online, then it is high time you need to go streaming because theaters and movies stores are going to be obsolete. Watching movies online is also the best for you who have a busy schedule because you can watch movies online for that little time you are free.